The hottest cam girls in France

I just want to create a page that explained, step by step, how exactly to go about becoming a cam girl in France. This is for newbies to the camming business who have no clue where or how to begin the process of entering the field of webcam modelling.

Your Camming Equipment

The first thing you should do once you’ve decided to become a camgirl in France is to make sure your equipment is adequate, meaning your computer and webcam. A laptop computer bought in the last few years should be suitable for camming, but the more powerful the CPU and RAM, the better. As for webcam devices, this is important because the better you look and sound, the more likely people in your chat room are to become aroused by you. This is common sense, but it’s something that, unfortunately, so many newbie cam models don’t realize. see more

French cam sites signup

So, when your equipment checks out, you’ll need to decide which French cam site you want to begin your camgirl career at. I would highly recommend that new models start at Chaturbate because it’s the site with the see more ticket, at the moment. It’s difficult to make good money quickly there, but if you keep at it for at least a few weeks, you’ll be likely to accumulate enough followers to start pulling in serious tokens. Also, don’t think you need to join a studio, because you really don’t. Unless you can’t cam from home, for whatever reason, you don’t need a studio.

Choosing a cam model name

Before you sign up for your account at Chaturbate, you should carefully think about what your model name will be. It’s important that you try to pick a name that’s cool and memorable, but that’s not being used by anybody else to avoid fans getting confused.

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